Our Process

A general outline of our estate planning process:

Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation

To begin the process, we like to schedule a brief call with you so that we can gain an understanding of your estate planning, administration or controversy needs and provide a fee estimate. The call is free, requires no preparation on your part and typically lasts about fifteen (15) minutes. In many cases, we are able to provide estate planning legal services for a flat fee.

Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

After the initial call, you can choose to move on to an in-person meeting at our office to discuss your financial situation and estate planning goals in greater detail. Once the meeting is scheduled, you will receive an email containing a secure link to an estate planning questionnaire. You can fill out the questionnaire at any time prior to the meeting but you are by no means obligated to complete it. A quick review of the questionnaire will give you an idea of the kinds of questions we will ask you at the meeting, as we will review the questionnaire together at that time.

Step 3: Sign the Engagement Letter

Following the initial meeting, we will provide you with a letter summarizing the terms of our representation and the costs involved. To complete the engagement process, you simply sign the engagement letter and return it to our office with the appropriate payment. For flat fee clients, payment of the first half of the flat fee is due at the initial meeting before we begin drafting your documents. For hourly clients, we typically request a retainer that we will draw against as services are rendered. If the hourly work is completed prior to the exhaustion of the retainer, we will refund the balance of the retainer to you.

Step 4: Prepare Draft Documents

Once you sign the engagement letter and pay the first half of the flat fee or the retainer, we prepare drafts of the estate planning documents. All drafts are reviewed by at least two (2) attorneys, and are mailed to you for review within forty-five (45) to sixty (60) days of the date that we received the signed engagement letter and deposit. The balance of the flat fee is due upon the earlier of fifteen (15) days after we mail the draft documents or upon signing.

Step 5: Review and Sign Documents

Once you receive your draft estate planning documents, we will schedule a phone call for you with an attorney to review your draft documents. During the review call, we will explain the purpose of each document, answer your questions and resolve any outstanding items. We will then schedule a time for you to sign your documents at our office, or if you prefer, we will mail you the documents with signing instructions.

It’s that easy. At Frankel Sims Law, we encourage our clients to address their estate planning goals by making the legal process as straightforward as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, we welcome your call. 410.828.7775